Dippsy Doodle Day !!! lol lol lol

Oh my doodles mom found out that I  Yes I  Mr. Wilson your fluffy wonderful Snuggley guy went over to see Mocha Wednesday morning !!! Oooopppssss

Well,  WE had play time last night and Mrs. G came over with Mocha and the humans were sitting by the fire  and having a WINE  yea and all we get is WATER What the Heck?????ooopss sorry my brains are noodly today  so Mrs. G says  do u no that we had a visitor the other mornining???””” ooops I stayed near Mrs. G to hear the story just so she tells it straight.  and I am not in trouble, ” But,ME????? in trouble nah   never I am too CUTE

So anyway on Tuesday when Courtney was over she didn’t close the gate all the way, and mom didn’t check it like normal, so Wednesday morning I just thought Hummmm maybe and sure doodley enought I nudge the door , and went inside the yard and was sitting by there deck door wanting to come in and do u no WHAT !!! Mrs. G would not let me in but we played and played for a little bit,   🙂  yea it was a fun little run  (ooo that ryhmes) in the morn ooops  that didn’t ryhme.  it Toook Mrs. G  a little while too get me out but  hey  I am a doodle  what did she expect.

Ooooo she told mom that there is a doodle at the humane society so mom might check it out  MOM  MOMOM  ooo noooooo

Also last night  the pup that barks all the time came over with her creepy neighbor guy  he gives mom the creeps, eeeeeek   I kept my eye one him but his pup didn’t want to play she just wanted to roll on her back oh well.   then Maisy came over  ohhh what a Night we were out until  8:45  can u belive it !!!!  Dad was wondering why we were out so long  just havin fun Dad thats all !!!

Sooooo  Wilson  the big golden doodle had a bright fluffy tail, all of the other puppies would often say it’s too fluffy , Then one foggy Christmas Eve the Big Guy in the suit said  Wilson with your fluffy tail won’t u sweep that snow off my sleigh, now all the other puppies yip and yap with glee, Wilson the Big Golden Doodle you are a GREAT BIG PAL!!

Hee heee

Love you all


Just wanted to share with you

Just wanted to share with you


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