I can’t believe it????!!!

One the first day of Doodley Christmas my human gave to meeeeee NOTHING AT ALLLLL!!! On the SECOND day of doodly Chirstmas my Human GAVE To me A GIANT WREATH HAT !!! On the THIRD DAY of Doodly Chirstmas myt HUMAN  GAVE TO ME ONe Giant Bone, One Wreath Hat and NOthing at ALLLLL!!

On the Fourth day of Doodley Christmas  my Human gave too me A Big Belly rub, then on the FIFTH DAY OF Doodley Chirstmas my HUMAN gave to me   55555555555 Giant HUGS, A Big Belly Rub, One Wreat Hat ,A Giant bone and NOTHING AT ALLL!!!! On the sixth day of Doodley Christmas  my Human Gave to me    6 scratches (can’t tell you where )

Heeee heee oh boy  It was soo very doodly cold last night that we didn’t go for a walk or have play time, BUt  But tonight I do get a walk   With Mom and DAD

Ooooo Happy St. NIck’s night  I got a new toy  yes I did It is pink!!! PINK come on MOM at least I deserve a Blue toy or Purple but PINK ~~@@@@  oh gheez

Last night I had to get Dad’s attention by getting my yellow squeeky ball and droopping it my his fee, yea He was not paying any attention to me at all !! he as busy being on that silly old lap top computer, DAD  !!!!! so he grabbed that ball and just played and threw it and played again with me !!

I kept going outside last night well, I was just hopeful that Julia was going to make an escape into our yard, see she is digging a hole right under the fence, she has a long way to go but > > > >>  she can do it ! So thats is why I have been going outside for a long time last night  !! and I was watching for St. Nick to come down the chimminey!  He was a very quite guy last night hee eee

Must get going   and I hope you are all practicing the Doodle Stomp we are going to do this on Christmas EVE Along with my new 12 days of Dooodly Chirstmas sone !

Love ya



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