Sunshine????!!? Where r UUUUUUU

DSCN0196On the first day of Doodley Christmas my human gave to me NOTHING, On the Second day of Doodly Christmas my Human gave to me a gREAT BIIIGGG HUG< On the Third Day of Doodly Christmas my Human gave to me a TREAT

But on the Fourth day of Doody Christmas my HUMAN GAVE TO ME!!!!! A Great ‘Big Chewy BONE!  Can’t wait for tomorrow  hee hee

WEll mom came home and she just hugged and hugged me oh man she really needs some sunshine or another PUPPY!! Yep I think so because she needs something to get that smile on her face, so  When Dad came home from work last night he sat down to read the paper, I sat right next to him and MOM Lauged it looked like I was reading  ,

Well I was  I am a smart doodly dood doodle,  Mom took the picture it might be a little blurry but it is cute of course   Because I am  in it !! LOL LOL LOL

Then mom had a great idea  she got that silly wreath hat she wants me to wear and tried to put it on me and snap another picture  Now I no this won is really blurry  MOM  really, well Dad sad the boys always had to dress up for Christmas and MOM just wants to dress you up too,   I would rather a bow tie !!!!

Anyway  we are having a doodle party tongiht yep MOM saw Mr. Olsen last night and said lets get together so tonight is a mauling night oh yea !


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