Monday ??!!???? Oh Man!

I am a tired Doodle a Tired Doodle I am   I AM  a tired Dooooooodllleeeeeeeeeeeee

Good Morning !

Yep I had an most doodleful weekend it was GREAT !!! Okay  It all started Wednesday night well actually early Thursday morning BOB came home at first I really really thought MOM and I were going somewhere with DAD  ! But. . . . nope he left us with that cooler in hand, I followed him right to the door, because I new that inside that cooler was something special.    Dad  left HUMPH   HUMPH  I woofed woofed as soon as I heard that garage door close GHEEEZZZZZ. ‘but  then around midnight BOB walks into the house OH YEA DOodles  I thought I was dreaming ( and not of chew toys )  OOOOoo I was soo happy.

Then on THursday  a blue car pulls up and guess who comes out of that car  JACK oh yea This is so way doodley cool !!!!  I went in circles and and wagged my tail and everything .

Then a few minutes later a little White car pulls up WHAT !!?!?!?!?!??!  Dad and Jack both go outside and do u no who that one was ????  KAREN  and MAISY< oh yea  ghurrr  ghurrrr I was saying whinn whinnn whinnnn  let me out  let me out to see her  come on  come on  MOm just kep on petting me !!! but then I see DAD taking Maisy’s leash and WHam in the backyard I go  and we played and played , and ran and ran and ran !!!!

So now I no why mom was cooking and cleaning and cooking a whole lot those last few days.

Okay I no u all want to no and yes my furry paw came out well . . . . . . .   I was just testing to see how fast Maisy is about chasing around the back yard  I didn’t mean to     really really Karen stopped me just in time  hee hee hee . . .

Well  almost because u no what else we did together. . . ..  Mom didn’t mind Maisy being out of her kennel when they went to grandpa’s hosue so . . . . . .  Maisy is a sneaky one, she was pawing me, like trying to give me a high five in the air, ok ok ok  let’s go check out the kitchen ,  I no we both tried to get some apple pie and cheese cake earlier and NOPE NOT on of my human family members gave me a piece of cake  oh sure   I got to lick off Bob’s plate but . . . . . .  apples and cinammon  yummmm.  so . . .  Maisy  jumped up to the counter with her long   long legs, reached over and took some pie, and she gave me some too , she took some in her mouth and phewed it out at me, oh doodles  I like that MAISY GIRLE  she knows how to get into trouble, hee hee oh this is good !!!

So the humans comes home and we are just two extra happy pups hee heee   oh yea   pie on the floor me oh my.

Well I gotta get going I will write later on  but have a doodly day, and remember

Put your two paw s   forward and stomp stomp stomp  that is the doodle stomp romp stomp

Love ya


Where are they????

Come on Drop a piece of Turkey Come on I will eat it no problem


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