It’s time to review the doodle romp!!
READY ! ! ! Let’s go  Stomp you two furry paws , Pounce , Pounce, Pounce  Stomp your two furry paws and Stomp Stomp Stomp Now Wiggle, Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle,  that’s it you got it Now Circle Circle around and around Circle Around Around, and that’s the Doodle STOMP ROMPIN Doodlen kind of a dance  Yea  Yea

You guys got it oh yea,  So  I think mom is going a little bit nutsy, yea she came home yesterday and rushed up the stairs and rushed down the stairs grabbed me Oooo I was so exicted I was waggin my tail so hard that Daisy sneezed with the breeeze !

We walked and walked for at least 4 miles yea it was great  but,  it was getting a little dark not too bad, then mom says  just a second Willy then I will feed you!!! HUMPH WELL > > >>  that sure took awhile  DAD got home before mom fed me  HUMP HUMMMMMPH !!!

So I did the only thing a good doodle could do,  I followed DAD stopped by my food dish looked at him then at the dish, WEll . .  He got the message  AGAIN< MOM was just tooo busy in that kitchen AGAIN!!

Ok Ok  this better be good she is baked a cheesecake last night and now she says tonight she is going to bake the apple pie  I can’t take all of these wonderful doodleful smells any longer  I no I am just going to CHOMP into that PIE !! SHEEEEZZ Help Help

hee hee just kidding

I just feel mom’s excitement about baking and cooking and my buddies coming home !! OH boy, OH Boy  I think I will just have to take a little nap today because  of all of the exictement !! You No  I can’t be too hyper when I seen everyone, Mom says Bob will be home late, that’s okay I will just snuggle on the couch waiting for him!!!!

Well  I should get going  Ooooo have a great Doodle Day Have  A gReat Doodle Doodle Doodle DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya



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