Doodle goobble doodle goobble

Hee Hee I no that it is early but oh my goodness  Mom has been soo busy getting stuff done that I almost  ALMOST think she forgot about me  whinnnnn whinnnn

NAH  just kidding,   lol lol  who could forget about me?????

My buddy and me Bell took a nice walk through the St. Norbert Abbey and you no what??? Mrs. C  wanted to cut the walk short she did really  but,  MOm say no lets go further, and boy am i glad we did , do u not what  we saw  all kinds of DEER< and then we are walking around this one curve where there is a forest and I STOPPED  OH DOODLES WHat is that, it was this HUGE genormous animal  with huge EARS.

A DEER< it just looked at me  and I looked at it  !! And then it went on its merry way !

OH my doodles,  I wonder , just wonder what would of happened if mom would of let me off my leash???? Hummmm I will never no   which is good because I am a doodle that has a little bit of no courage, Sure  I look like a lion but, I really am a BIG TEDDY BEAR !!

Oooo Speaking of BEars  mom is going to put that JERSEY ON ME AGAIN tonight !

And ON Saturday we had playtime with my pals , and that MOcha is such a show offf HUMPH HUMPH yea  there was a branch on the bushes and she grabs it   Errrrrrr well, I just went over to her and played a little tug of war, but oh my is she strong ! Then she gallops around my BACKYARD with that STICK  can u believe that????

Ohhh and mom covered up the ashes from the fire pit  with the chairs and she moved the container that we hold the wood in by the fire pit so I would not get any ashes,  jGHeeeezz and yesterday DAD put a grate inside of the fire pit MOM doesn’t think that will work,  I have my paws crossed so it doesn’t   What is wrong with some ashes in the night time?


Ooooo  MOm and I went on the EAst River Trail yesterday and she let me off the leash, but,     . . .  she also brought along some treats, its been awhile since we were on the trail, and I think she thought I might not come when called,  Hey  for a treat  I will do my Doodle DAnce,

Put your two furry paws in and jump up and down, Put your two furry paws in and jump up and down, then make your tail shake shake shade that is the Doodle DAnce Romp,

I am still working on the wording but,  my dance just might go viral on YouTube, just watch and see !!!!

Oooo my soccer ball is actually falling apart  remember Chirstmas time anyone shopping can get me a soccer ball!!! Oh Yea!

Have a wonderful doodleful Day

And Aunt Nancy Happy Anniversary  to you And Uncle Octo  !!

Woof Woof Woof

Love ya



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