Today is the DAY

YIppee  Doodle Dee Today is the Dippy Doodle day for me !!! Wag your Tail ,  Wag your tail

today is dippy doodle FRIDAY !! ! ! ! !  OH YEA   and guess what????!!!

I GET TO GO FOR A WALK  LAL LALA LAAAAAALLLLAAA And MOM might even ask Mrs. C if Bell can come with me would not that be the doodliest cool thing to do???  Courtney called last night to see if MOcha can play with me but,  mom says “NO”  not until Saturday, so even on Saturday we will have a party  PARTY PARTY PARTY  LLa LA La La  Dood Dii dood lelel  laaaa hee hee can u tell that I am excited about being able to go for a walk, and too see my BUDDIES????  OH doodles I feel my tail waggin already

My tail is waggin My tail is waggin  ok ok ok  I am a little overboard I no but . . .  My Tail is Waggin My tail is WAGGIN!!!


And  Turkey day is almost near  I am feeling good oh yea

Last night  when mom came home I just didn’t feel like playing soccer ball, I don’t no it just wasn’t right, so I just relaxed, but Today OH YEA !!!

So . . . .  Mom is getting ready for Thanksgiving and I get to help, First the apple pie, and a pumpking pie, ummmmm I smell the smells already in the kitchen,

And  I almost forgot STUFFING TOO   Bob is coming home on Wednesday, and Maisy and Karen are going to Visit and Jack too !!!!! Is anyone brining home another PUPPY FOr me play with????  OOOOO thats right its not Chirstmas  ha ha ha

So I think I will rest up for our walk today sure I will check out the window for those squirrels that like to hang around by me too, yes, they have been asking me why no pups have been over, so I tell them.

Have a great doodley day

Love ya



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