I got my doodle swag back  oh yea oh yea  I got my doodle swag back,  I can wiggle my but, I can wiggle my tail, I can Jump up and Down and do the doodle dance, I can stomp my paws and Wiggle my Tail, I can I can   I got my Swag back oh Doodley Guys, It is GREAT!!!

Mom and I played yesterday , we played soccer  and we laughed and played and jumped all around oh it was doodle terriffic. Then of course MOM went to ZUmba but, when she came back,   oh   man   DAD took me for a walk,  sadly mom didn’t go, nah but DAD did, and I only thought it was going to  a short one, but man we went about 3 miles, without MOM I kept looking thinking she would join us but  no . . .  I kept looking at dad telling him we need to go back, MOM is missing me !!!!

But NOPE DAD just would not listen, good thing when we started to go back I hurried up, because when I opened  up the door THERE was MOM  I galloped over to her so doodley happy to see her !!!!!

Now, tonight MOM and I get to go for a walk, not friends yet, but  . . .  Saturday MOM says we will have a party  OH YEA  !!!!!!!

Have a great doodle day and Wiggle your but to do the Doodle DANCE   LOL LOL LOL

LOve ya




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