Good Doodly Doodly Day to you to you    Hey guess what?????!!!!!!!

Mom and I went outside to play on Friday we played soccer ball, oh boy did *I have energy, and MOM is like I think you are almost better ! So mom had me running all over the backyard and it was sooooo good that we went for a very very short walk, and I saw Mrs. C, and from a distance I saw  BELL  ahhhhh Bell, she was waggin her tail at me, but I told her I can’t see her!

And on Saturday MOm and I went 3 miles oh yea, but I was getting a little tired just a little not a whole lot just a little, and u no what NO PUPPIES were out at all, can u belive it  the sun was shinnin and no puppies at all, I think mom went a different way on purpose, and

my cough  NOTHING at all, so I am there expect i felt like I wanted to cough up a lugie Saturday night  ooops not good,

Hey do u no what???? it rained yesterday so DAD tried to fix the cabinet I tried to help, so when mom came home from shopping I went to dad and Licked his knee and gave him a kiss.

Ahhhh mom says , yea I just wanted mom to no that Dad was working hard while u were shopping,

\OooooooOOOO the fence by Mocha’s house is really bending sideways, and on Saturday when I was outside racking with DAd MOcha was doing her lateral leap over the fence to see what we were doing   pretty funny!!!

I got bone yesterday oh yea it was great but. . . . .  Mom still insists I can’t bring it outside  Whinnnnnn Hummmmphhhh not fair I say, Gheezzzz, Ooooo Mr. and Mrs. B came over too last night  No Abby because of my cough, thats ok because I got more attention from Mrs. B.

This morning mom put me outside can u belive it I still have to go outside,gheeez I sleep in Bob’s room  I go in themorning to wake up Dad with mom and I still have to do my u no what outside, Sheeeezzzzz, and I could not take out my bone either, oh man!!!!

I even gave mom the “eyes”  ooo and Dad got some stuff to put the fire pit out on the deck oh yea  so no I am closer to eating the ashes. now it just has to stop raining, and I have to get rid of my cough, and have friends over  Life will be good in a few days.

Love ya

Have a great  great GREAT  DAy



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