Yippee Doppple Do

Ooooo I am so dipp doopppp doodley excited do u no what day it is today????

Huh  Huh  Huh  It is hugging day yep I get hugged by mom and dad a little bit more, I delcared it Hugging day today when I woke up so  . . . ….. There  !

Guess what else  it’s FRIDAY FRIDAY  OH YEA  I am doing my doodle dance, hee hee I practiced it last night after mom came back from Zumba oh man was she sweaty oh well, any doodle way, she says    in a whisper  u want to go for a walk?????

OH man  I danced my furry paws jumped up and down on the kitchen floor oh yea  I get to go out  OH yea dippie  dooope  I can’t wait  I had a smile on my face I looked at the door oh yea BABY!!!!

But. . . .  then I coughed  Sheeezzzzzzz !!!!! and then mom looked sad  😦  sorry Willy Babe, no walk.  OH Gheeeezzzzxz  HUMPH  HUMPH Whinnnnnnne  So this morning I haven’t coughed at all so I am just going to keep my furry paws  crossed so that maybe at least we can play in the backyard,  I love catch  so maybe  maybe!!

Oooo last night  I had a slight little  “gas” problem but I was by Dad so I shared it with him, oh boy  he said it was bad!!!!  Mom laughed he even told me to go by MOM I did but she hugged me and smiled, oh yea  mom and I got it planned perfectly !

So in order for mom doesn’t no if I cough I am just going to spend time outside on the deck and survey my kingdom !  I saw Julia early this morning, and we nuzzled through the fence, I wonder wonder if I got that silly cough from her??? We nuzzle quite a bit through the fence.  Hummmmmmm  I will have to ask her !!

Well I must get ready for surveying my kingdom !! I  Woofed a little just too get my buddies in there yards early this morning so we all can talk about what is happening, I am really out of the loop being cooped up !!! I  Hope they are all outside and we will drive the humans nuts with our Woofs  HA HAHAHA

Have a Doodly Woofy Day

Love ya


Come on kids, come outside so we can all Woof


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