How much is that doodle in the window

The one with the doodley fur  How much is that doodle in the window the one waggin its tail???

Hee Hee Hee

Hey do u not what on Sunday when I was outside  someone was saying Wilson, Wilson, hummm I gallopped over to the tree looked and do u no who was looking over the fence at me???? Mimi yea she was teasing me NOT FAIR  HUMPH  I could not really see her but I heard her and I heard Cooper !!!!!  She kept saying hi   and man my tail was waggin, even though I wasn’t sure who it was, Mom came out and started talking to !! Oh Ghezzz Mom sometimes I just want to have my own woof woof conversation Abby was talking to me !

And this morning Mrs. B was teasing me also over the fence, I think that fence needs to come down and we have a shorter one so all of us Pups can jump over it !!!

ooops I have a crouping cough and mom might have to take me into the vet today after school, yea  well I think she just hugged me too hard yesterday around my neck,  So . ..  last night I was sounding like I was having a very bad sore throat,  But. . . . .   at 1:00a.m. I ran up the stairs cuz I heard mom and I coughed to  but when I fell asleep in Bob’s bed all was better.    Mom heard me woof woof outside and she said I sounded better, but . u no mom .

And we want to have play time tonight but if I am not feeling good I can’t have friends over but. mom said we would walk then  oh well I would rather be mauled by the girls .

Oops I think there is another bunny under the deck  I better go, have a great doodley day,

And if you see a Doodle in the window he is smilin at you SMILE BACK !!!Because  A doodle in the window ,  A doodle in the Window makes the day better    and better and better

heee heeeeeee

Love ya


I am just waiting for that bunny



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