Snoooowwwww. . . . .

Oh my doodles  Oh my doodles

It’s Monday It’s Monday  and there is snow on my bar-b-que cover yea little pieces of white stuff, MOM  MOM  what is happening  EEEEKKKKKKKKK  I am not ready for the white stuff yet !!!

Wake up Wake Up and let the sun shine Wake up Wake up and let the sun shine !!

Hey I had a nice time in Chicago  I saw Papa, and then we went right over to Uncle Eddies and Aunt Gina’s house and I was quickly greeted by four girls oh yea !!

But. . . .  Oh  Maggie she let me no right away that this was her house, my she has pretty teeth  : – )   Guess what else I found in the laundry room  with Sasha’s help, I found the TREATS  oh yea TREATS  so I just stood up on my paws and reached into the basket to help my self, and then when no one was  looking I went into grab a can of dog food and just brought it into the living room. !!!

Ooops Aunt Gina found it ,  she says I am “Bad ” She says that with a smile  🙂  hee hee hee WEll  when u are with family and u feel comfortable help your self  I always say ! I even found a bone oh boy ,  And Sasha gave me a kiss ! Ahhhh she is so sweet we even went outside at the same time and walked around the back yard together. no no no I was good, I no what u r thinking but I was good !!

And for dinner  Pizza from Giradino’s oh yummm yummm so good I can put my head right on her counter how about that. It was a great night at uncle eddies!

Oooo but when we got home to Papa’s and it was time to just visit we did, but. then Mom, Dad and I went to watch TV in the den, and when it was time for me to go out  I just refused to go out through the continental room  hee hee hee, I sniffed and sniffed NOPE I am not going out I just didn’t want to go through the back door, I wanted Dad to take me out the front dooor.

Hummmmm It was strange MOM thought But I just won’t tell her why I would not go in that room again at night, I was a chicken doodle.  really I smelled the doorway and HUMPH NOPE  Not at all, but in the morning I still would not go throught the doorway , so mom had to let me out through the kitchen door, humm but . I did come back in the continental room.

Even yesterday after dad walked me I walked in really really super doodly fast , I no I have to over come my carpet anxiety and I will. . .. Sheessz I am a doodle I just some times have fetishes.  lol lol lol

Have a great doodly day

Love you


This is my girl that gave me a KISS


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