Booooooooo Boooooooooo

Ooops Sorry I forgot that yesterday was Halloween but . . . . Mom didn’t nope she remembered, I was wondering where she went yesterday WITH OUT ME  I MIGHT ADD!! She came home with lots and lots of candy, oh doodlesy did that smell good !

So later in the afternoon the doorbell rang and rang and rang mom would go to the door and hand out stuff, hummmmm if those kids come to the door and get candy what can I do to get a treat??????

Well it didn’t take me too long to do something, hahahah I went upstairs and grabbed the Doodles Rule T-Shirt yep put it on boy was I cute !! Yea  mom gave me a treat !

I looked out the window more and more kids so mom had me sit stay gave candy but sometimes I snuck out my head and got petted, one little girl gave me a hug ahhhh it was great!

Then at night time mom went over to Mrs. C ‘s house without me ! She got to see Bell, ah mom  “Bell, is my friend and I haven’t seen her in awhile so when can I go””” HUH HUH<,

MOM say’s we are going to have a puppy party tonight withthe fire in the fire pit too ! !

So  u no what that means???Yea ASHES  I get to eat the ASHES when no one is around oh yea !!

Mom and I snuggled last night  curled up on the couch and she sat right by my side I Love it when we snuggle, And I heard Mom tell Dad that she might not go to Zumba tonight so we can even get a walk in too ! OH YEA!

Well I must get moving along, I am going a little bit slow today, Have a wonderful doodle day

Love ya


Just wanted to share with you


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