Ahhhhh Guess who is home????

Good Morning   Good Morning !!!!

And guess who I got to wake up this morning?????  Karen    Karen  oh yea   oh yea  Karen Karen my favorite  sister !!!
Hee Hee Hee,

And last night Dad picked me up at the kennel in his CAR  oh yea Doodles  I have not had a chance to ride in Dad’s car because it is so small hee ahhh  I just sat on Mom’s lap and I was able to look out the window as Dad was driving home,

The best part was that as the human took me out of my spot guess who was waiting for me by the door???? Karen Karen  oh yea  it was great  I just didn’t no what to do  I spied MOM but Karen is the one who I jumped up on and and wagged, my tail sooo  much  is was creating a huge wind tunnel hahahahahaaaa !!   OH yea and Dad too I was sooo happy to see him, it’s not that much fun in the kennel, I missed my family,oh yea I had a good time, but. . . . . ..  nothing like getting those huge HUGS !!>

But. . . .  hmmmmmmm when I went to mom (I didn’t want her too fell bad so of course I went to give her a hug)  I smelled Sasha on her and Cocoa Puff !!!! Yea I haven’t sniffed them in awhile mom says maybe we  get too see them soon ! OH YEA Doodles , I love getting hugs from all my favorite HUMANS !!!

Last night after they got me outside I didn’t see the van so of course I was even more confused than normal  (If that’s possible )  but I got to be in Dad’s car and Karen kept whistling in the car  I heard her , but  Dad’s car  oh it is soo super cool. !!!!

When we got home too I went right in the backyard but, no friends were outside, so I said I will wait for tomorrow. So today when I went outside  Woof Woof Woof, I just wanted my buddies to no Yep the BIG Dood is HOME !!!! I hope we can have play time later on today.

Oooo it’s Halloween guess what I am going to put on my Bears Jersey and scare the kids  hee hee but, mom has to get candy  I wonder,  wonder will there be any left, ????? OH boy !

I must get going  Karen is getting ready to leave and I am going to see if I can sneak her to her little car  I wonder if she would notice???

Love you all


I love being with the “Girls”



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