One More Day

LaLa La Lala  tomorrow MOM has off  la lalalalalalaaaaaa la  LAAAAAA

OH Yea I can hardly wait me and mom all day long oh boy oh doodly boy just thinking about having Mom all day long well let me tell you my tail is a waggin in circles, and I am already making my list as to what we are going to do !!

Yippeee Dipppeee Doodly Doo Mom and Me oh yea oh yea !

What a Depactuacluar  doodle day the wind was blowing birds sining and Me and Mom were outside until she went too Zuma but . . .  we played ball, and hide and seek, I still don’t understand Hide and Seek because I always find MOM ! Oh she is silly hides by a tree then peeks around it oh boy !

Hey If your looking for a Christmas present for me  I need a new Soccer Ball mine is getting pretty old but the fun part is I can put it in my mouth and carry it all over the yard and mom can chase me  heehee hee.

Last night we had our PLAY TIME OH Doodles Doodle boy was it fun !! No fire in the pit which is okay I have been eating enough ash from the branches and stuff , that I have had my taste of it for now.

First it was just Bell and me Maisy was busy last night so she could not make it, oh man that girl is busy with her human kids they are getting older so lots to do !  But . . . .  Mocha was late and the reason her humans had to go to the store  HUMPH  I ask you what is more important PLaying with us! Or her humans gettting a new garbage disposal???

Huh??? Mocha was a little upset with her humans she told me as she was banging that yellow squeeky ball on my tummy!!! A few times last night I had to get Bell moving in the action too!! She’d go up to my mom and get petted and then I had to get her away come one sh doesn’t need to be with the humans all the time !

Even after awhile Bell was hiding by my frog can u believe it !!! So Bell and I sat down on the grass talking about life and how we want to see the world together so we are thinking of a plan not sure yet but. ..   we might have to have Mocha come with us because…. well she is a fast runner !! More to come later

Hey tell me what is wrong with rufffing in the morning  I was just Saying Ruff Ruff Ruff this morning and Mom got me in the house it was only 6:12 in the morning and I did see lights on my friends house ! Sheeeezzzzzz !

I bet you are all wondering if I did or tried the furry paw well . . . . I am just not telling !!


Gotta go and get my squeeky ball we left it outside last night and I just want my ball in the  house

Have a wonderful doodly day and remember Mom is Off tomorrow oh yea baby!

Love ya



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