OH BOY What a DAY !


Ooooo what a afternoon I had had ! ! ! !  ! Oh my I was just so doodly excited that I could hardly contain my tail waggin yesterday !

Mom came home gave me a Huge Doodle Hug  Ooops guess what I had just taken a drink of water and got her all wet with my Whiskers  OOOPs oh well  she loves it !

Woof Woof Woof  sorry I car had driven by and I didn’t recognize it so I had to run to the door ! Woof Woof Woof   “shucks Mom stopped me  oh man  I no there is something by the door!”

Okay so any way Mom says “Let’s go play ” I quickly get my yellow squeeky ball and we Play she throws it u no she is getting a little bit better  not much but a little, so anyway Mom ran into the house but..  . . . ..

who do I see in the corner of the yard  Ahhhh my Julia  Ahhhhhhhh so I wagged my tail and then I did the Doodle jumping around in circles I am so happy to see you look ! Thats right that is my new dance when I haven’t seen any of my buddies in a while, and then guess who was doing their lateral jump by the fence  MOCHA ! OH my Doodles that girl she just gets jealous when I pay attention to my Ahhhhh Julia !

Next thing that happens is MOcha comes gallopping into my backyard on to my deck and banging onthe door to get MOM well Mrs. G was their too, and we ran and ran and played Mocha grabbed my yellow ball yea and I think she really liked that squeeky toy !

So that little one would tease me with that ball, and then  Bell came by and I got attacked by Girls Ahhhhhhh Heaven  Ahhhhhh it was great and Mocha kept hitting me with that ball, oh boy I had enough and Yep  the paw  I did try again  I don’t no what it all means but it gets mom laughing  hee hee hee  Maisy heard us too and she started talking, she was upset because she didn’t get to come over, But TONIGHT  oh yea Doodles TOnight is PLAY TIME oh yea oh yea !

I need to rest up for tonight so I think I will nap in Bob’s room today Yea Bob  I say your room is taken over my me  Mr. Wilson  lol lollllll just kidding

Love ya

Have a wonderful wonderful dipp dopp doodly day



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