La La La La

How much is that doodle in the window???? The one with the fluffy tail ?? How much is that Doodle in the window the one with that goofy smile!!!

Hee Hee Hee oh that mom is a funny one she was singing that to me when she came home from Zumba I was outside looking in hee hee hee and my tail was waggin at mom when she opened the door she was singing that song  lol lol  I think I need to get her some voice lessons because she was slightly off key!!  So I quickly grabbed my squeeky ball so she threw it and threw it again  I just galloped all over the living room it was so much fun!

Well, I had to show Dad my love too, he was sitting on the couch watching DA BEARS so i gave him the paw to pet me, but guess what else I did??? I gave him one paw kept one up on the couch and gave him the other one too how about that??????

So now I can give the two paws meaning come on the floor and pet me!! So Dad did, and I was just smiling looking at mom so MOM joined us on the floor and I got a doubley doodle pet oh yea ! The Doodle life does it get any better???

Oh yes it does,  by getting another one !!! Mom is in mood for another pup !!! ooops please mom not just yet !

Did u no that if u bark at a toy it doesn’t come to you, yesterday  mom and I were playing in the back yard and she threw my ball it landed on the deck under a table, then she went to do u no stuff on the lawn and all of a sudden I Woof Woof Woof, “What, Mom said?” Woof Woof Woof  the ball would not come to me  Hummmmm what is wrong with that?????

So mom being the wonderful doodle mom that she is got me my ball, ahhhhhh

Hey Bob , I am thinking I want a new bed cover for your bed  yea  I want pictures of doodles on it so I am going to check out the web today I just hope mom wont’ shut off the computer this morning,  I really really doodley like your bed !

Mom took a picture of me on it hee hee hee

Have a great doodley day everyone

Love ya


So . …. who is playing with me today!


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