Yea It’s MONDAY????

Come on It’s not that bad that it’s MONDAY  MONday MOnday Ohhhh  how I don’t love Monday MOnday, sometimes you are not so good to me!!

Hee Hee Heee Well let me tell u why I like this MONDAY  it is BECAUSE on Friday MOM has the day OFF  Ooooo dippy doodly day on Friday Friday I have MOM all DAY LONG and U NO we always have fun when we have a day OOOFFFFFFFF !!

Hey I was a bad doodle on Friday on our walk I was doing good meeting my friends along the way sniffing my spots  hee hee, well we were walking along East river drive and Waaalaa hummmm what is that  ??? Well It was big and White so I grabbed it  Mom of course used her  Wilson drop voice but . . . .  I didn’t listen Nope I didn’t  hee hee , so mom and I had to play a little game of tug of war !  I just wanted this thing Not sure what it was but  come one it’s on the ground free game I say!

Mom and to tell me down and she laid me on my back to get it out and u no what it was it was a piece of shoe material from the inside of a shoe, see I new it was stinky and good to have, oh boy  MOm says that would of been pretty hard to get out of me if I chewed it all up !!

Eeekkks so I am glad mom got it but man  I kept looking back and doodly thinking of a way to get back to that same spot again !! Hummmm. So yesterday when we walked do u think mom would go over to that same are???? NOOOOoooooo oooooo boy she is a smart doodle human !

But man is she noisy kicking up those leaves on our walks ! Yesterday she was rustling through them like no ones business, so . . . .   I got into the act to and jumped in to a huge pile and came out with . . . . .  nothing !  lol lol lol

I even helped clean out the back yard with dad and mom,  but when it came to make dinner, I helped mom out by grabbing  a recipe she had by the computer and eating it !

Delicious I say ! ooops I am a naughty doodle these past few days !

Have a great Monday and Remember The sun shines when u leave a smile on someones face so show them mine

Come on play with me instead of going to WORK


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