HI  Guess What  today is my sisters Birthday

I can’t wait for her birthday party  I think mom is baking a cake today and I get some oh doodly doo !!

Well I am in doodle trouble again ! Yep Mom was busy in the kitchen and she looks outside and guess what she see!!

Well first of all let me just say that It is NOT MY FAULT  It is That Squirrely Squirrel Sylvester, yep thats what I named him, he is the guy that runs on top of our fence, ok, so I am outside and Sniif Sniff huh so I gallop over the the green fence and hummmm I start with my paw and trying to get this into my fence area !! WEll I succeeded until  YEP u guessed it MOM CAME OUT WILSON !! UH OH  I  no that tone!! ANd All I did was take the corn cob that Sylvester dropped for me ! Whats so wrong with that????

Nothing I say !!  Hee HEEE MOM gotta love her !

We got to play soccer ball again yesterday afternoon NO walk That Goofy Rain was falling from the sky  JUST NOT FAIR I SAY !!

But. ..  The good news is that I am thinking today we will  be able to walk and walk and maybe jog HHAHAHAHHA I bet u thought I was going to say WALK

Woof Woof thats what my friends were saying last night , we all were complaining that we didn’t see each other ! OH WELL  I got to get petted and hugged by mom last night and Dad well he tricked me into being a little bit closer to get my nightly scratch sheez then also last night that puppy that keeps coming on TV is really Bugging me I see him then I gallop to the hall and he is not there !!! I no he is somewhere because he is on that TV where does he go !

Uh OH  MOm is figuring out more about her camera yesterday and uploading pictures Watch out Here comes mom and the camera plus with pictures of me  TA DA

Ooops gotta go I here some friends outside and gotta woof with them to get out plans organized for tonight

Happy Happy Birthday Karen I Wuf U




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