Good Morning  Good Morning To you and YOU and YOU Good Morning Good MOrning the sun is going to shine, and shine and shine all over the world TAAAAAA DAAAAA

So do u think I can make it on GoldenDoodle Idol??? I think so really doodly doo !

Can u believe it I was able to lay on the deck and feel the warmth of the sun, expect for that squirrel he almost came close to me  I had my eyes closed I heard that pitter of his paws and WAaaLA I picked my head up and Chased him all the way to Julia’s fence. !

OH Doodles baby I did, And I was also so exicted that mom came home last night I was going around in circles and circles and I jumped up and down, because I thought yes that we were going for a walk, she ran upstairs to get changed but u no what, she changed into ZUMBA clothes  HUMPH!  HUMPH! But. …… there was always that chance when she comes back and when she did  NOPE SHEZZZZZZZZ Whats a doodle to do ?

It was dark so mom and I just played in the house which was alot of fun too, but, tonight??? Mom is going to Zumba and then we are going to have some play time too oh yea !

Hey Jack, mom and I walked on Friday before all of the rain, and she ran into one of the Hockey Dads Mr. Hoosier he says hi and MOM tried to convince him to get a dog  not just any kind of a dog  BUT A  ME TYPE DOG  oh yea maybe another doodle on the horizon !!

My paws are crossed with Doodle romps tonight in my backyard   I hope I doodle hope that no rain for tonight, So I am just going to have too rest all day long, oh yea!

Have a great doodle day !

Love ya



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