Rain Rain Rain

Ooooo Doodle me oh my Oooooo Can u believe all of that rain all Doodley Weekend????

Welll, rain just does not do a doodle any good at ALL ! ! Nope Nope Nope ! Mom and I were suppose to go for a walk on Saturday and Sunday with Sarge he is that HUGE I Mean HUGE French Mastiff  nice guy but HUGE !!! That didn’t happen at all !!! Sheezzzzzzzzzzzz

Mom was getting so antsy that she started pulling pillows off of the coach I had to stop her hee hee hee , really  I did stop her by grabbing Daisy’s towel, see distraction for mom is the KEY !!! LOL LOL LOL   So Mom and I played hide and seek in the house that was fun because I got some treats when I found mom with my squeeky ball, YEa  I got a new one !! It’s a little bigger but thats ok!  And I found a stuff toy that I haven’t pulled all the squeeky’s out so I was busy doing that hee heee It was great because as soon as I got a squeeky out mom got it away from me  I think she thought I would eat it ! Nahhhdoodles I wouldn’t doesn’t taste that good !

Yesterday Mom took me to Petsmart to walk around and just to get out of the house  there were a bunch of pups !! I got to meet and I also got a new toy

Ooops there goes mom again getting those pillows off the couch I better go play with mom u no how she gets !! I think she also needs some hugs too

Love ya




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