OH my doodle goodness I almost had different noodles shaking around in my fluffy head this morning,  I almost was not able to get on my blog this morning,  oh geeeeezzzzz I was almost going to call up my buddy Jack,  really doodley I was !!

What a nice weekend we had, and again I was doodley confused again especially on Friday night, Mom, Dad and I left the house and it was  Dark out side ooooOOOOoooo where are we going??? Mom says’ its a surprise, but u no what we went on a highway and I even remember some of the sights,  BUT, MOM did not even pack my overnight bag, Hmmmmmm I really wish they would tell me  U no I have things to do !!

What a great surprise we went to this HUGE HUGE place with lots of lights and planes and all of a sudden Dad moves the Car  mom opens up the van door and WAAAAALLAAAA  WAAA LAAAA who walks in BOB  oh Doooldly Doo Doododlly Doo yippeee my tail, was waggin, sure not as much as when he pops into the house, but I was doodley happy !

On Saturday we played on outside and I showed him my Amazing Doodle Soccer skills, Bob was impressed oh yea !!! Do u no that they went out on Saturday and didn’t take me !!! oh thats ok  my buddies were outside and I watched them u no the squirrels were hanging around the fence.

OK Ok  I no Bob left on Sunday and u no what mom does, she plops down on the couch after grocery store shopping , yea well, it was a beautiful day so I had to give her my paw and she petted it and said in “5 minutes’ we will go, HUMPH  so what I did I stayed right by mom, and sure enought 5 minutes were up and Waa Laaa ‘let’s go for a walk” I got up and Whoosh we were out the door!

OK Ok  I like leaf piles but, seriously doodle  Mom tried to make me run in them,  HUMPH come on I think she forgot that I get full of leaves, Nah  really I did  I like the crunch crunch of the leaves it is cool, MOm and I even played hide the squeeky ball in the leave pile in the back yard,  I ran  pushed my fluffy head into the pile and came up with the ball,

Ooops mom realized I was trying to eat my squeeky ball, so she took it away, and silly mom she put it on the kitchen counter when she went to try to help Bob with the map in afternoon while he was on the phone, Sooooooo  I jumped up to the counter and took it !

Yep I did , I also was able to get more blue plastic off, hee hee silly mom! Later in the evening she thought I sounded like a squeeky ball, I took her spot on the couch yesterday and she was petting me all of a sudden I was  like   sqqqqqquuuuukk  squeeeek squeeek, Really I was  mom laughed  and dad did too,  Will did u have a squeeky to in you, Can u imagine  me a giant Squeeky toy  Oh Man that would be Doodley Good don’t u think so???

Hee heee   well gotta go have a awesome Day everyone !!

Love ya



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