What???? Mom is going to be late???

Good Morning Doodle Doodlely Doodod dododle kids

Oh Yea  Hey, did I forget to tell you that on Friday night when mom and I were walking, we went past these girls and they all said “OH MY WHAT A CUTE PUP<, THAT’S THE CUTEST PUPPY EVER, ”  of course I wagged my tail , oh yea

So it’s Official  I AM CUTE   hahahahah  then these girls petted me oh yea Doodle Heaven I was in.  But, then their were some kids that walked past me that didn’t say anything HUMMMMMM I stopped and looked and mom she just shrugged her shoulders and said ‘they don’t know what there missing Willy ”   lol lol lol  oh mom she does no how to make me feel better.

On Sunday when we were coming home we stopped in Cedarburg, and walked around and all of these people were asking Dad about me oh yea  I wasn’t sure if my doodley tail would fit into the van again,  oh oh oh   What to Doooo oh oh oh What to Do, I just wag my tail and SMILE  wag my tail and SMILLLLEEEEEeeeee oh yea !

Mom even gave me a walk on Sunday and, we relaxed on in the backyard, I helped mom put all that lumber we got from Mr. G. away and I also got to help her bring it back to Mocha’s house, so as mom was bringing that cart back, I went on Mocha’s deck to see if she could play, NOPE she couldn’t that silly ole’ packer game was on so her humans wanted to watch it, OH doodles.

I had a great wonderful doodle weekend !!!

But now mom told me she won’t be home until late tonight she has those silly student conferences, but, she will see if somehow she can come home early, I think she should just show her principal my cute picture , that would do the trick, hee hee hee

Well doodle buddies have a wonderful, fantabulious doodle day

Love ya



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