I didn’t mean too do that !

Oopsadoodle   Oopsadoodle  Yea  I sort of was a bad little doodle, It wasn’t that bad, it’s just that  I need a little bit more hugs !!!! Yes I do !!!! So while mom was talking too someone on the phone last night, I accidently pulled off the blanket from DAisy’s chair, Yes I no I haven’t done that in a long time, but  seriously doodles  who is more important me or talking on the phone !!

ME ME ME ME  it’s all about me the cute furry doodle bug  yepdoodley do!

Hey we went an entirely different walk way yesterday and mom was so happy because I did my “stuff” before the walk hee hee those little  things mom likes oh my doodles !!! so as we were walking guess what, those geese were flying and because Bell and I were not paying attention  We missed the OWL Yep  Mom and her human friend saw an OWL it was pretty cool, and can u believe that Mom didn’t say “LOOK WILSON LOOK” nah nah nah.

But, as we were walking we met two other doodles, and u no me  I like to say “HI” to everyone but these guys were not the best one was but the other one who was older wasn’t oh doodly well I said  we kept on walking, I think they were not socialized so much !!! But, the big White one really had fluffy ears!

OOOOOOoooo Mom wants to CLip my ears!!! she said they are too long sure I am dipping them in water but is that any reason to cut my EARS   I should say not  soooo I really really hope she doesn’t do that

Paws crossed.
Ooo that squirrel didn’t appear yesterday good ! I say !  And tonight we might have a fire in that new pit Dad bought Ohh Doodles  I can hardly wait !!!!!

Have a wonderful doodful great day

Love ya



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