Ahhh Sunday Afternoon ( I no it’s Monday)

Good Morning ! !  ! !

Ah Wait it’s Monday EEEEKKKK that means I have to watch over my kingdom all by myself oops I can do !.

We had a sort of sad morning yesterday, Mom, Dad, and I said good bye to Bob and Jack, I tried to make my mom laugh and I think I did really I do. When we got to the airport entrance Mom,Dad and I were saying our goodbyes, Then I decided  to  jog over to the entrance, I just wanted to open the door for Bob, and maybe just maybe get a ticket and head off to North Carolina too!! Mom was laughing and so was Dad and Bob, hee hee I no how to make mom feel not sad anymore!!

Dad was trying to cheer mom up but I put my furry face by her elbow and she laughed, yea she is better.
Then do u no what  MOM went shopping and she didn’t take me, OH BOY, but when she got home we went to my favorite store oh boy oh boy it was great! At first I thought where are we going we ??? Then We pulled into PetSmart, I was in the front and hanging my head out the window and Waa Laa I see my store yippeeeee !! TREATS! LOL LOL  yea that’s the other reason I like to go those Cashiers give me treats, and MOM got me some treats but,  shhhhhh!! don’t tell Dad it’s a mom and doodle thing. I was sort of a rambicous doodle going down the aisles I could not help myself I kept smelling those treats and food and oh boy I was in Doodle Heaven!
Also last night my buddy Bell and I took our humans for a fast walk, and then, late at night mom and I were outside a Dragon Fly was on the deck, I tried to get it Mom was laughing at me, Hummmm I will show u mom I can catch it !!  Ooops that dragon fly is fast !! I grabbed it into my mouth and it was buzzing around I did let it out on to the grass.

I just didn’t want wings flapping around my tummy !!

Have a Great, Wonderful, Fantastic Doodle Kind of a day

Love, Willy


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